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Simple Ideas Generate the Best Revenue

Success Is Something You Work for Everyday

Mobile Office

The advance of mobile changes the game!

The Rain Drippith

Points on the board...

Superman vs Batman

The classic battle continues even in business.

Revenue < Profit

Alpha gives you points!

Be Audacious, Be Vigilant

The entrepreneurial life, especially one that encompasses the art of rainmaking in business, is one of the most difficult paths one can choose to pursue, in life. The ups, the downs. the challenges and the successes are all a mixture of a lifestyle that can most certainly be called "unhealthy." Yet, there can be balance, there can be clarity and life can be extremely healthy (well to a degree!). We established this blog to publish and syndicate relevant information, thoughts, and news on entrepreneurs around the world. This ranges from start-ups, to leadership, to project and program management, and much more.

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The best entrepreneurs surround themselves with a team of managers that get the job done. No bullshit, just delivery and execution.

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In order to generate revenue, create a delta for money to be made, and return alpha to equity investors, you need to sell effectively.

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Cash Management

Profit is generated through effective cash management policies. Control your costs, and money will be the least of your problems.

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