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Avoid Defects or Mistakes

Lean VS Six Sigma

beltsOne of the questions, every company needs to ask itself before opting for a Six Sigma training is

  • What is Lean Six Sigma? 
  • What is Six Sigma?
  • What are the different between Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma name describes a faster way of doing things. But, not just doing the process faster, the lean in Six Sigma implies it is done with more precision. Six Sigma Certification doesn’t improve your speed, instead, improves the workflow, which in return will accelerate the entire process while giving you better results.


Lean Six Sigma first identifies the process after the process is identified and analyzed it is made to run much smoother and without any defects or mistakes, which makes it run much faster. There are two basic methods of speeding up the process according to Lean Six Sigma methodology:

In most cases, project managers without a lean six sigma training are the ones that are actually slowing down the process, thus it seems as they are working against themselves and when they try to speed up the process, which will lead to mistakes in the process and defects, which, of course, leads to low productivity and low customer satisfaction level. In fact, this is loading of the project, it means that the decision was made before the project was put into action, which can never be anticipated to show the 100% results as expected. Lean Six Sigma reverts that approach by testing and improving on-site. The right way to do things can be seen once everything is put in place; which will ensure that you get the right ingredients for the successful production or service.


Just think about it, letting the process run, while, you tamper with it and remove the things that are not needed and improving things that can be improved until you make the perfect product is the best way to do things. As a result, it makes your product 100% quality that comes with great speed as all of the faults have been eliminated.