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Natural Ways To Improve Your Memory

Stress Can Take You Away From Obtaining Your Dream

Memory lapses can embarrassing, as well as, troubling. However, having a few slip ups here and there does not mean that you are sentenced to a lifetime of forgetfulness. A memory is made up of 100 billion nerves (neurons) in the brain that are linked together and solidify to be used at a later date when the need arises. As you grow and develop, the brain creates new neuron connections thereby increasing and strengthening your memory as you grow. As such, it is never too late for you to improve your recall abilities. The following are some of the tips on how to improve your memory naturally without having to take any medication, and finally, obtain the certification you always wanted.

Get Sufficient Sleep

It is agreed by experts all over the world that if there were only one thing you could do to improve your memory, it should be setting aside ample time for sleep. Sleeping time important as it is during this period that the brain solidifies the neuron connections that it created during the day. As such, it is recommended that one takes between 7-9 hours of sleep each and every day.

Jog Your Memory

Believe it or not, biking, swimming, running or performing any cardiovascular activity for about 30 minutes thrice a week has proven to help in improving memory. Raising the heart beat rate increases the flow of the blood throughout the body including the brain that enlarges the most important part of the brain relate to memory (hippocampus). Also, exercise increases the production of an important neurotrophic factor. It is believed that exercising can also cause the sprouting of new connections between the hippocampus and the neurons.

Have The Proper Diet

The brain, without the essential chemical compounds and nutrients, cannot function properly. The foods that you eat and do not eat play a very vital role in your memory. Vegetables- fresh vegetables are essential as are healthy fats. Grain carbohydrates and sugars, however, have to be avoided.

Foods such as broccoli, celery, curry, walnuts and cauliflower have essential antioxidants coupled with other compounds that helps to improve the brain’s health and can even stimulate the production of new cells in the brain.

Balancing the Omega 6 to Omega three ratio is also crucial. As such, you should increase your intake of the Omega 3 oils and reduce the intake of Omega 6, this will prove to be highly beneficial to the overall health of the brain.